Fun Projects

Playlist 1:  Con ton y son

This playlist contains all the songs we used in our SPAN 304 class (Fall 2020), as well as some suggested by students like you. They helped us feel connected in spite of the pandemic, as we learned grammar, vocabulary, and the rhythms of our many cultures. The playlist contains songs from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Puerto Rico, and the United States, by both classics and new artists. Their threads of song helped us transcend space and time, and feel together in spite of everything. Feel free to download them, and play them as many times as you want to, until we can meet again in person. Esto no es un adiós, sino un hasta luego. 

Playlist 2: Comer y cantar

Love music? Love Latino food? So do we! In the Fall of 2020, students in SPAN 304 chose their favorite songs about their favorite foods. The result is this groovy, happy, mouth watering playlist that we're sharing with you. Clic  to hear about chocolate, sugar, mangos, and the occasional alcoholic beverage (ahem). We hope it inspires you the next time you're in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Podcast: El Tex-Mix

In the Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019, students in SPAN 462 and SPAN 203 created their own episodes of the podcast El Tex-Mix, a new initiative meant to develop multiliteracies in the language and content classroom. The group assignment included the development of a 10-minute audio episode based on an interview. Students in SPAN 462 talked with a local Texan artists who performs in the Spanish of Texas. Students in SPAN 203 created narrative podcasts around love stories, which we called Amor a la tejana. Click on the tracks on the right to hear the results of their work.

Digital Magazine: Leyendas hispanas de Tejas

In Fall 2018, students in my SPAN 202 wrote articles for a collective digital magazine on Texas Spanish-speaking artists, which they called Leyendas hispanas de Texas. By working in small groups over the semester, they created chapters about seven different artists, such as Freddy Fender, Rosita Fernández, Lydia Mendoza, and many others. Click below to find out more.