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Instructions for Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Writing good letters of recommendation is one of my most important missions as a teacher and mentor, and I take it very seriously. However, I can only discharge this responsibility if certain conditions are met. You should never assume that I will agree to provide a written or verbal reference for you before confirming it with me first


Before you request a letter from me, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have I taken at least one class with Dr. Moyna?

2. Was this class within the past 5 years and/or have I stayed in touch after I took it? 

3. Did I earn at least a B in the class?

4. Did all my written assignments pass AI and plagiarism detection tests at the time they were originally submitted?

4. Do I need a recommendation for graduate school, an academic activity, or a job for which Dr. Moyna's expertise is pertinent?

5. Is the letter due at least two weeks from now?


If your answer to all of them is 'yes,' then by all means contact me; on your subject line, you should write: Letter of recommendation request for [your name]. If your answer to any of these questions is 'no,' then I can't guarantee I can write the type of letter you need.  

May the rose be with you. La Paloma, Uruguay, December 2017.


Referees are asked to address certain specific questions, including how long they have known you, how well, and in what capacity. They also have to provide examples to substantiate their comments. In your email request, please include the following items:

1. Information about the program/scholarship/job you are applying for (links preferred) 

2. Clear deadline and mailing information: I prefer emailing letters, but if they have to be sent by regular mail, a postal address is a must, and a stamped addressed envelope is much appreciated

3. Updated CV or resumé

4. Copy of your statement of purpose, cover letter, or application

5. Forms or links to forms that need to be filled

6. Reminder of what class you took with me, what semester, and your final grade; if you did a final project, it can be helpful if you summarize it or attach it

7. any additional information that can help me tailor the letter to the institution 


If you request several letters at the same time, I may not be able to write a different letter for each institution.  

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