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Scheduling Meetings and Appointments 

Like all faculty in the university, Dr. Moyna is active in research, teaching, and service. In order to maximize her efficiency and perform her duties to the best of her abilities, she needs to make rational use of her most precious resource, i.e., her time. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Moyna or organizing a meeting she is to attend, please bear in mind the following:

  1. In the Spring of 2024, her office hours are Wednesdays 9 to 11 am.  Any student is welcome to these office hours without an appointment.

  2. If you are in Dr. Moyna's class, her Zoom link for office hours is on Canvas If you are not in her class, get in touch and she will forward you the link. 

  3. Outside of office hours, Dr. Moyna only sees students who have previously set up an appointment with her via email, with the exception of bona fide emergencies. 

  4. Dr. Moyna never cancels office hours, so when planning a meeting with her for other academic or professional matters, those are blackout times.

  5. Dr. Moyna stays at home some days to work without interruptions. These days vary by semester, but in the Spring of 2024, they are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  While she is not on campus, she remains connected via email.

  6. Dr. Moyna plans her upcoming week on Fridays. Any routine meetings for the following week must be firmed up by 5 pm on Fridays in order to minimize disruption.

  7. Finally, Dr. Moyna does not participate in meetings scheduled without checking her availability first, since she believes common courtesy and professionalism are a prerequisite to successful cooperation.

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