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Spanish for Health Professionals

in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Summer 2019: May 27 - June 30

Faculty Leader: María Irene Moyna

Mi Buenos Aires querido, cuando yo te vuelva a ver.... Thus starts one of the most famous tangos composed about the capital of Argentina. And it's no wonder: Porteños, as the people from Buenos Aires are known, have good reason to love and miss their city.  With a current population of 3 million (or over 10 million if we add its sprawling suburbs), Buenos Aires is a cultural hub not just for the country, but for Latin America and the world. It is the birthplace of unique cultural expressions such as tango, and its many theaters, museums, and parks offer outstanding opportunities to come in contact with world-class dance, drama, film, and the visual arts. Buenos Aires' bustling cosmopolitanism merges both immigrants and internal migrants into a teeming multitude of cultural and linguistic expressions. The city is a living classroom, its history etched in the architecture of historic neighborhoods which stand side by side with daring contemporary urban design.


Argentina is the perfect setting for a program geared towards the health professions: the country has a long tradition of medical and scientific accomplishments. It is the birthplace of three Nobel Prize winners (Bernardo A. Houssay and César Milstein for Medicine in 1947 and 1984, and Luis Federico Leloir for Chemistry in 1970). It boasts an excellent health care system which includes both public and private providers.


Join us for a five-week program that will take advantage of both the cultural and health care landscape of this Latin American gem, to deliver 6 credits of SPAN 301 and SPAN 318. (If you would like to join us but have taken one of these two classes, you can substitute a research experience, SPAN 491, instead.)  Our host institution, the Universidad de San Andrés, is a well reputed private institution with a developed study abroad program. It has an American-style campus in Victoria and a convenient downtown location.  I invite you for a virtual tour of the city by clicking here and here. Interested in participating? Please contact me. You can find out more, including the estimated budget, by checking out the brochure here.

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