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María Irene Moyna

Welcome to the website of María Irene Moyna, Professor of Hispanic Linguistics in the Department of Global Languages and Literatures at Texas A&M. Her main interests are language variation and change in Spanish, with particular reference to word formation through compounding (e.g., words such as abrelatas 'can opener') and address forms (especially usted, and vos). She has also published on  Spanish in the United States, in particular, the history of Spanish-English contact in California and the representation of this contact in music of the American Southwest. This website will give you an idea of her past and current research, teaching, and related projects.


Dr. Moyna is always looking for opportunities to work with graduate and undergraduate collaborators, so if you are interested in doing research on any of these topics, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can request copies of Dr. Moyna's publications through ResearchGate or by emailing her directly. 

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