Language Matters:

A Glasscock Working Group

for the Study of Language 

at Texas A&M  

Faculty Convenor: María Irene Moyna

Since its inception in 2011, Language Matters has been a meeting place for faculty and students interested in the scientific study of language. We meet twice a month in the Fall and Spring, to share our current research or to listen to guest speakers from other institutions. We are interested in theoretical, descriptive, and experimental approaches to language. Our research covers topics such as the sounds, grammatical structures, and lexicon of human languages, language use, language attitudes, change and variation, bilingualism and language contact, language policies and language planning, and factors affecting instructed and natural language acquisition. 


Over the years, Language Matters has invited nationally and internationally renowned linguists to talk at A&M, such as Bettina Kluge, Jacqueline Toribio, Barbara Bullock, Ana Celia Zentella, Mark Davies, Rey Romero, Marta Fairclough, Flavia Belpoliti, Nicole Wicha, Lucy Pickering, and Salvatore Attardo, among others. We have also organized thematic mini-symposia, film screenings, and international conferences. Click here for some recent past events.


In 2019, Language Matters teamed up with the Evans Library to celebrate Language Day, in recognition of the International Year of Indigenous Languages and International Mother Tongue Day, two UN-designated commemorative events. This language-themed event included interactive installations and informational booths, mini-talks, and a guest speaker. Click here for the complete calendar.


Through its work, Language Matters brings together faculty and students across campus, helping fulfill the university's mandate to enhance the research and teaching missions of the university through interdisciplinary synergies. 

Interested? Please contact me to be added to our listserv!

Language Day 2019. Top: Héctor Pleitez in front of the "I Love My Language" board. Bottom: Brandon Cooper, Ginessa Payne and a colleague writing names in different scripts.



219 Academic Building, TAMU

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